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APRS Standalone Unit

Its been a while since I had/took the time to write over here. But with the COVID-19 forced break, I decided to get back here and show some projects I’ve been working on. So… Here is a standalone APRS unit I built for fast and easy field deployment. Please be kind, There are many steps

Plane Spotting – My Gear

With my last post, some readers have requested to see pictures of my setup. While I was writing the last post (and still today), I am changing a lot of stuff. So I will show you the actual setup, explain what I plan to do next and I will also show you coverage of both

Plane Spotting

As long as I can remember, I always been impressed to see an airplane take off. The biggest they are, the most impressive it is. I am not of those plane spotter whose parks beside the airport and pictures every plane coming or going.

Diving into 3D printing

Few weeks ago, I dived into the 3D printing world by buying my first 3D printer. This invention is just fabulous. With a cheap 3D printer, you can make a lot of useful items for home or work. There is a lot of free resources on internet or you can also design your own pieces.