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Have you ever received emails about becoming millionaire online by only working few hours a week from home? Well, off course, the only person that will do money is the one you pay to get the virtual “training” to make money. Let’s get that straight, making money online will requires more than just 2 to 5 hours a week, even for few hundreds dollars.

The myths

You will not stop working by filling surveys or working as a Mechanical Turk Worker unless you aim to lower your income. Actually, your time is worth more than what you will really earn by making online tasks. Take your time to look around. You will get few cents to fill a survey advertised to take only two minutes but in reality you’ll spend about ten minutes. So who is really making money online? The ones that manage online platforms having thousands of people working on those tiny tasks. Profit here is made by volume. Not having to officially hire anyone and paying just few cents a job is so much effective for them, not for you.

The real way of making saving money online

I already imagine your eyes rolling to the ceiling. Your right, you will not “make” money and you will not get rich with those tricks, far from it, but you can still SAVE some dollars. That small saved amount, when well invested can grow big in the long run.
Depending on how you spend you time online, there is several opening to you. However I will go with what I do and what I use. You are more than welcome to comment below with your tricks. What I save using those tricks, I make sure to put it to work into my investment account, so it will grow big for later.


Don’t buy everything from Amazon. They are not always the cheaper and do not price match. But they offer precious tools to start saving money.
  • Amazon Assistant browser addon: The “AA” is great tool to use while shopping. It allows you to add items from virtually any online store to your Amazon wish lists. There is two good reasons to add everything to a wish list:
    • Waiting before buying might let an impulse pass and then you might remove it from the wish list when you realize that you do not need it at all.
    • Shopping from several sites a specific item and wish to find the lowest price? Create a wish list dedicated for this item. Now visit every website you know that might sell it and use the AA to add the link to your wish list along with the price. You will then be able to easily find who is the cheapest. In the comments, you can also indicate possibility of free shipping or other perks for fair comparison.
  • Prime: The best advantage of prime is that for about 80$ per year, you get free unlimited 2-days shipping when shopping on Amazon (on products indicated with the Prime icon beside). You also get to enjoy 20% off on recurring diapers order made with subscribe and save, access to Amazon streaming services (Video & Music) and a free unlimited photo storage on Amazon Drive. To be honest, just for shipping, you will re-pay your Prime membership quickly enough. Click below for a free 30-day trial and support me.
  • Subscribe & Save: Buying your coffee from Amazon every month? Why not subscribe and save? You save 5% from the regular price just by subscribing twice a year. You may save up to 15% if you have enough items for a defined month. You may select a delivery schedule for every items from once a month to once every six months. You get a notice in your email to review your order before it ships, so you can report the delivery of an item if you do not need it this month. You just saved some money and some time to make something more productive.

Ebates will return you a cash back when you shop on your favorite sites like Amazon, Ebay and much more. You can decide to receive your cash back by mail, PayPal or as an Amazon gift card. A visit to their website will tell you more than I can. You can use the following link to register and support me:

Mint by Intuit

When it is time to follow-up my finances, I use Mint. Mint will allow you add into a simple interface your banks, credit cards, investments and others accounts. You will then be able to be up-to-date with all your accounts into Mint and follow you stats. You can establish goals and budgets, Mint will keep track of them by itself, even if it will requires your help first. Register yourself free of charge at

The final word

There are several other ways to save some money online, like group order websites, coupons and more. I will probably explore more one day and let you know about them. Feel free to give your tricks to save money online in the comments.

Until the next post, take care!

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