My reference books

When it comes to work related books, the pocket reference books are my favorites. Here are the two I use on regular basis.

Pocket Ref

Automotive, Construction, conversions, computers, electrical, fasteners, first aid, knots, pipe, tools, weather, welding, name it! Pocket Ref contains so much information that you will be impressed.
When your smartphone have no network or no battery,  Pocket Refs is exactly what you need. It is amazing how much information has been condensed into this small pocket book.
It is a good investment for your field office, the tool box or your personal library.

Welding Pocket Reference

Even with a long experience in the welding industry, there is a lot of reason to have this one in the toolbox. It is a real bible for welders. It contains a lot of references on every aspects of the trade.
When you wish to hone your skills or to refresh your memory for a job with a welding process or an alloy you did not work with for a long time, welding pocket reference is the book to open. New comer to the welding world? This book can easily be what you need to start learning how to weld.
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