APRS Standalone Unit

Its been a while since I had/took the time to write over here. But with the COVID-19 forced break, I decided to get back here and show some projects I’ve been working on. So… Here is a standalone APRS unit I built for fast and easy field deployment. Please be kind, There are many steps

Plane Spotting – My Gear

With my last post, some readers have requested to see pictures of my setup. While I was writing the last post (and still today), I am changing a lot of stuff. So I will show you the actual setup, explain what I plan to do next and I will also show you coverage of both

Plane Spotting

As long as I can remember, I always been impressed to see an airplane take off. The biggest they are, the most impressive it is. I am not of those plane spotter whose parks beside the airport and pictures every plane coming or going.

My reference books

When it comes to work related books, the pocket reference books are my favorites. Here are the two I use on regular basis.

Diving into 3D printing

Few weeks ago, I dived into the 3D printing world by buying my first 3D printer. This invention is just fabulous. With a cheap 3D printer, you can make a lot of useful items for home or work. There is a lot of free resources on internet or you can also design your own pieces.

In a minute – Budget

Who loves to make and track budget? I do not expect a lot of people to answer that they love to waste time on a budget. I am the first to hate that. Assign a certain amount for each categories on your list and tracking every cent spent is boring and can even be frustrating. To

Firearms control in Quebec

In Quebec, gun control is a subject that is unfortunately sensitive. The majority of people who fear firearms often do so out of ignorance. After the media releases of anti and pro firearms groups, many are still asking questions about gun control in Quebec.

Saving money online

Have you ever received emails about becoming millionaire online by only working few hours a week from home? Well, off course, the only person that will do money is the one you pay to get the virtual “training” to make money. Let’s get that straight, making money online will requires more than just 2 to 5